Admission Procedure

Prior to Admission

Before selecting your preferred nursing home, it is important that you have all the information you require to help in making a decision.

We request that residents who are interested in moving to The Avenue Nursing Home arrange a visit with their families to view the home, meet the staff and see the facilities we have on offer. If a resident is not able to choose a nursing home themselves we request that all immediate family members view the home to make sure they are happy before deciding to place their loved one at the home.

Once we are given a clear indication that someone wishes to live at The Avenue Nursing Home, a pre-admission assessment is completed by the manager or deputy manager at the individual’s current location whether that’s at home, in hospital or at another care home.

A pre-admission assessment is completed to ensure that we are able to meet all the individual’s immediate care needs once they move to The Avenue Nursing Home.

Upon Admission

On the day an individual is admitted which is always planned in advance, you will be greeted by a designated member of staff. This is usually one of the Managers of the Avenue who is responsible for the admission and discharge of residents. You will firstly be offered a cup of tea or coffee which can be taken in one of the lounges or in your chosen bedroom. At this point family members are normally asked to meet with the manager, deputy manager or nurse in charge to go through some of the more formal aspects of admission. This can be conducted in the privacy of one of our offices or in the resident’s bedroom.

A care assistant & House Keeper will help unpack all the resident’s items and complete an inventory list which is then stored in the resident’s care file for future reference. All clothing items are requested to be labelled prior to admission however it is also the home’s policy to ensure labels are correctly named using the safe and secure ‘Attach a Tag’ labels which are stored and attached to garments by the laundry team.

The labels are purchased in advance of admission by the home and then charged back to the resident on the monthly bill.

Upon admission any medication will also be collected from you by the manager or nurse in charge and safely and securely stored. All medication is dispensed and recorded by the qualified nurse on duty at the times indicated on the labels. We take full responsibility for all medication reviews and repeat prescriptions.

Emergency Admission

The emergency admission of an individual can be arranged providing the person or agency referring them is able to provide sufficient information in order that the manager or nurse in charge can make an informed decision on whether or not the individual’s immediate needs can be met.

If the individual’s needs can be met an emergency agreement will be produced stating that the admission is for a short term period only and the placement can only become long term after a full assessment and review is carried out by the manger of the home.